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Welcome to MaleriArkivet Dansk version

Dear visitor.
Welcome to MaleriArkivet.

The objective of maleriArkivet is to share local historical or topographical interesting paintings from different parts of Denmark, - a Denmark that no longer exists, which different artists at different times have immortalized in their art.
My hope is that this can contribute to raising the interest of our common past and of the landscape and urban values that still exist and are worthy of preservation, - values that are constantly threatened by development.

If you in maleriArkivet find a painting of particular importance to you - local historical interest or for nostalgic reasons - please feel free to contact me. Likewise, I will very much appreciate if you have an old painting from my previous home region Gevninge in Lejre municipality, or my present home region, Rebild Municipality in Eastern Himmerland - especially paintings by Søren Josva and Mouritz Nørgaard have my attention.

Sven Erik Ostergaard
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